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Find measurements that contribute to earnings.

Beehavior employs state of the art deep learning algorithms to capture, analyze and understand human behavior at physical points from camera feeds. We turn all this knowledge into intelligence to drive your business forward.

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Understand human behavior

Why Beehavior?

Let's be human for once and leave the hard work to artificial intelligence. We measure the values, you make the final choices.

Increase sales

Increase shelf sales deciding on data based on flow-line analysis.

Test your hypothesis

Repeat hypothesis testing with data to increase store sales and optimize internal processes. Real A/B testing will increase your rates.

Optimize store display

Improve the store entrance rate and the purchase rate by verifying the in-store display based on data.

PDCA Cycle: Plan-Do-Check-Act

Increase the purchase rate by setting a purchase rate target and turning the PDCA cycle.

Access to new customers

Discover managing directions that lead to new customers and find out which is the optimal exhibition method to increase sales by quantifying drop-in rates.

Reduce costs

Significantly reduce labor costs by relocating the human capacity based on customer activity.

Smart physical point

Physical point analysis service using Artificial Intelligence

Understand human behavior and address it in real time.


Visualize customer behavior from entry to purchase.

By using deep learning based vision technology, it is possible to acquire customer behaviour data that would otherwise be impossible to retrieve. We get these measures based on the video feed of the different cameras installed in the store.

Understand the implementation of improvement measures and effect verification.

Beehavior builds a database with all information gathered from the different stores in real time. This way, it is easy to verify the impact of a particular measure on customer behaviour.

Execute: data utilization for customer success.

Use the collected data to obtain real added value by discovering unknown inefficiencies and opportunities in your selling points. We provide advice on how to make use of the gathered data to take the appropriate decisions.

how we do it?

Get a 365º vision of the customer journey

Beehavior collects all the previously unknown information about both the customer and the staff. Works independently or integrates with other data solutions and platforms.


Which kind of visitors do I have?

We count and segment the visitor flow in your establishment.

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Visitor count

Get the number of visitors you have at any time.

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Age and gender estimation

Anonymous age and gender measurement of customers.


What do visitors do in the establishment?

Once the visitor is inside, get measurements to understand his/her journey from enter to exit and how they spend the time inside.

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Drop-in analysis

Measures the number of visitors in a specific area and the time they spent there.

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Flow analysis

It continously understands customer behavior from entry to purchase and reveals how they move inside your premises.


Which are the most common behavioral patterns?

We gather the information necessary to understand common trends in your business.

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Recurrence estimation

Anonymously measure the repeater ratio and the number of revisits during a configurable period of time.

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Cross data utilization

Get the whole picture of your business by merging customer beehaviour data with other sources of information.


Commitment with privacy

Bee the Data’s technology is committed to respecting people’s privacy. To do so, it processes the data, guaranteeing that every person analyzed remains anonymous. Uniqueness, sex, age, or traceability work in a layer of abstraction that does not allow the identity of origin to be reconstructed.

All in one solution

Seamless scaling from one to thousands of physical points

And hibrid on edge + cloud architecture allows for horizontal scaling on the number of physical points while accessing your data in a centralized platform.

On edge analysis

BeeSmart: Bee the Data's affordable GPU-accelerated embedded device allows for running our deep learning based algorithms run in real time locally. Simply connect your cameras to the BeeSmart, either directly or via an NVR, following some simple configuration steps and you are ready to go. The BeeSmart performs all video analysis in place, and sends the analytics results (metric values, alarms, etc.) in real time to our cloud platform.

Network/Bandwith: Given that all video analysis happens locally, there are no special connectivity requirements. The system can work even with unreliable 3G connections.

Privacy: All video feeds never leave the physical endpoint, thus ensuring the privacy of all people appearing in them. Moreover, the device never records those feeds, and camera frames are immediately discarded after updating the relevant metrics.

SaaS platform

Centralized: Our cloud based platform receives all data generated locally by the different BeeSmarts and aggregates them, allowing for centralized access to all information. Easily compare the performances of different sites with one click.

Management: All devices can be easily configured remotely, and most failures can be diagnosed and solved via the cloud platform. This way, physical intervention is reduced to a minimum.

OTA updates: The entire device firmware can be remotely updated, allowing for critical security patches to be issued as fast as possible to the entire device fleet simultaneously.

Integration: Beehaviour can be easily be integrated into your existing software stack via its easy to use public API.

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