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Why Bee the Data?

We are continuous R&D

Bee the Data will be your best Artificial Intelligence partner

Reliability, precision & propietary technology

Guarantee of success and usability in the most demanding conditions. Every software unit is proprietary development and not based on external libraries and we improve them everyday.

On edge, IoT & embedded systems

Maximum algorithmic complexity in minimum hardware expression. Our Solutions include on-site processing to avoid prohibitive cloud costs or internet requirements.

Omnichannel & modular development

Omnichanality is a priority. Our products are developed in a modular way allowing the incorporation of new components.

Use of existing infrastructure & integration

We maximize the benefits of the existing infrastructure and we integrate with existing management systems.

Processing speed & massive scalability

We focus on the processing speed to ensure the ability to reach in real time. We develop systems prepared to cover projects with high scalability requirements without incurring prohibitive costs.

GDPR compliance

The architecture and algorithmic base of the solutions are developed in accordance with the compliance of the GDPR.

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