Mass Security


Bring mass facial recognition to the next level of the security arena.

Best integrated mass facial recognition, people detection and tracking system for security purposes.

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State of the art algorithms

Developed based on the latest deep learning technologies. We are always improving them via a continuous R&D process.

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Best performance under hard conditions

We work with the public and private sector to guarantee success and usability in the most demanding situations.

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It works independently or integrates with existing software stacks. We make it suitable to each client's structure.

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BEEYE brings mass security surveillance one step further.

Facial Recognition

Facial recognition on the wild. Detection, identification and management of live alerts in environments with high density and traffic of people.

Real time analysis

Real-time comparison of the video flow of IP cameras, enabling age, gender, ethnic group, individual detection and place and time segmentation.

Forensic Analysis & Database

Detection and identification of individuals in videos and recordings of any origin. Storage of all the identities registered by the system, linking with metadata of time and place allowing for future analysis and historical searches.

Mass analysis & False identities

Compare dubious faces against millions of certain faces in seconds, and get the most similar ones. Cross the database with itself to obtain false identities.

Alerts and reports

Centralized management of alerts by real-time identification of individuals. Periodic or customizable and intuitive reports of registered movements. Report generation and export of images for operational ease and communication of results.

Intelligence & operational optimization

Add tags and metadata to the identities of the database to search and obtain alarms with context. All under an optimized management system. Possibility to start working with results from the moment the search begins.


Individuals contrast in less than a second


Vertical pose variability


Horizontal pose variability

All in one solution

Massive performance without leaving your data center

Beeye's on premises architecture makes it possible to scale the solution for the most demanding needs without exposing your sensitive information to the exterior.


On premises architecture that allows the system to run entirely in the client’s data center via GPU accelerated servers without the need for data to ever leave its infrastructure.

Capacity to scale horizontally, allowing to increase the throughput or volume of data processed by the system, increasing the number of machines.

Integrable with the client’s own databases or systems, including delegated authentication or authorization, bulk upload and backups on network units, etc.


Support for the most common formats (MP4, AVI, MKV, etc.) and codecs (H264, H265, etc.). Tolerates some degree of blur and artifacts due to video compression.

High processing speed. Contrasts dubious faces to more than 80 million certain faces in less than a second. Analyses +12 hours of video in less than two hours.

It supports changes in facial expressions, light changes, beard, glasses, sunglasses, scarves, wigs, among others. Robust to age changes. Supports partial occlusions of the face.

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